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As a current PhD candidate, I would like to welcome you to my research blog: Confidens. Throughout the duration of the doctorate program, the blog will be linked to my dissertation entitled, “Oser s’affirmer en langues étrangères : Confiance et motivation dans un monde virtuel d’apprentissage autonome des langues” (Dare to assert ourselves in foreign languages: confidence and motivation in an autonomous, language-learning virtual environment). My research stems from the apology that echoes throughout France: some iteration of “I’m sorry for my English.” Could the extent to which this apology is commonplace in France mirror the lack of confidence that the learners have in themselves?

As for the layout, the blog introduces the idea of confidence, the research projects undertaken, the publications and scientific manifestations had (including in the virtual world), and further links to grasp certain concepts inherent to understanding linguistic confidence. In an effort to promote open science, all documents here are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I strongly encourage commenting and interacting with the content posted here, for I believe that research is further improved when it is share and discussed among larger communities.

The editor’s decisions for publication will follow a 30-40-30 rule: 30% project updates, 40% methodology creation, and 30% blog content creation. This is meant not only to keep me on track with my research, but also to diversify the content and to allow a mix of interactions from you, the visitors. The choice to be open-source is coherent with the goal to promote the integration of confidence into language education. The target audience to be reached is therefore language teachers and to-be-teachers who desire to leave the comfort zone of vertical education, of passive transfer of knowledge.

Without further ado, I warmly welcome you on the journey of building confidence in language education. ✺

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Brendan Geer

Language teaching expert and researcher in language confidence. Founder of Prism: Language Confidence. Also director of the HeOnTe online teaching program, co-director of the Rennes Café des Langues, and cat dad.

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