Conference abstract for contextual axis research presentation

Bridging language-learning communities through linguistic insecurity: a field study of pedagogical experiences in language education in France

What destroys language learner confidence, and what approaches rebuild it? In this two-part field study on linguistic pedagogical experiences in France, we have compiled two corpora to identify sources of learner insecurity. We compare an audio corpus of 20 interviews with French people on their pedagogical experiences to a textual corpus of over 200 pages of teacher feedback from foreign language classes observed in France. During the interviews, participants experienced a lack of content relevance as well as a lack of mixed teaching methodologies, and only one participant attested to having a sufficient learning environment. All participants, from university students to retirees, emphasized their desire to interact more and to rethink the immersive setting within a classroom. As for the language class observations, our analyses indicate rather strong correlations between teacher methodologies and interactions in class, a fossilization of the “stick with what you know” mentality among teachers, a lack of hands-on methodological teacher training, and a fear of failure despite a desire to provide a learning zone conducive to language acquisition. In our presentation, we emphasize the impact not only of learner confidence, but also of teacher confidence in language education. We provide diverse applications for community-building among teachers and among students, and we lay out practical methodologies that may rebuild confidence in language learning and teaching. ✺

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Brendan Geer

Language teaching expert and researcher in language confidence. Founder of Prism: Language Confidence. Also director of the HeOnTe online teaching program, co-director of the Rennes Café des Langues, and cat dad.

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