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Image from MaxxGirr, Pixabay.

What do we want to eat in 2050?
Creative writing workshop in conjunction with ÉPolAr

How will food security look in 2050 [2, 3]? Rather than predicting our future, this workshop is focused on the idea of constructing the future we desire based on science, reflection, collaboration, and creative writing. Through the learning approach of data-driven learning, this workshop gives participants the space to reflect and collaborate in order to complete two writing tasks within three hours. Time for presentations and discussion before, during, and after the writing work is allotted, and fact-based posters and booklets are stationed around the workshop space for participants to read and discuss with their groups.

  1. Invitation to a festival – 10 minutes, 4 choices.
  2. Storytelling: How did the world look during that festival? – 1-1.5 hours, 4 choices.

Here are some photos from past workshops:

Confidence through future co-construction. Here, we aim at encouraging students to build the future through fact-based resources, posters, and their own creativity. Students thus build their confidence by comparing their preconceptions to scientific realities, and by creating a future, might it be utopian or dystopian, through their own ideas. Allowing students to bridge the content to their creativity builds confidence [1], and when done in a foreign language, it can also build linguistic confidence and boost performance as well.

Below are some examples of writing from the workshop held in November, 2022.

[1] Anderson, L. (2006). Building Confidence in Creativity: MBA Students. Marketing Education Review, 16(1), 91–96.
[2] Mouël, C., & Mora, O. (2019). Productions animales, usage des terres et sécurité alimentaire en 2050: L’éclairage de la prospective Agrimonde-Terra. INRA Productions Animales, 32, 95–110.
[3] Zabel, F., Putzenlechner, B., & Mauser, W. (2014). Global Agricultural Land Resources – A High Resolution Suitability Evaluation and Its Perspectives until 2100 under Climate Change Conditions. PLoS ONE, 9(9), e107522.

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